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 Get trusted, ready-to-use data from external sources, 
 whenever you need it. 

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Find and purchase valuable commercial data
for your business and harness the power of data.

You will get instant access to audience segments consisting of millions of cookies. We have captured granular data against these cookies and packaged it into thousands of highly curated audience segments.

Data types available on our Platform

Essential commercial data in one place


Website Data


Shopping Data


Product Data


3rd Party Data


Interest Data


Declared Data


Observed Data


Inferred Data

Our data covers European and North American markets.


Why use our data?


Get to know your audience and improve your marketing

Gain extra insights for your target audience by analyzing your 1st party data, CRM data, website visitors or ad campaign impressions. This will enable you to communicate the right message to the right type of customer.

Find new clients

Identify potential customers and convert them into current customers. It is all about Big Data and machine learning algorithms that analyses a lot of suspects in order to discover valuable prospects.


Improve your display campaigns

Activate your 1st party data and our unique 3rd party data to precisely target display campaigns. Start running more relevant and effective campaigns.

Optimise your business decisions

Data analytics can help you speed up your decision making process while still being confident in the choice you have made. In today’s quick paced world being able to act fast and respond to wider trends and operational changes is a huge business advantage.


Identify new revenue streams

Understanding customer trends and decisions allows you to make decisions about the direction you should go. The data that businesses collect can also potentially be sold, adding a further revenue stream and the potential to build partnerships with other businesses.

Who we are?

We are data marketplace platform for data providers and consumers to share raw and aggregate data. We supply you with a self-service exchange where you can both distribute and trade your own data as well as find the data you need. Our mission is to convert all big data into real revenues.

We’re a technology startup based in United Kingdom. We have developed an innovative solution that enables you to connect with your target audience with precisely targeted messaging. Our technology provides you a complete customer profiles, connecting with lookalikes of your most valued customers and maximize your digital marketing results.

Get in touch with us and find out more about our data!